Baby Naming

Baby Naming Ceremonies

A huge and cuddly Congratulations if you have chosen to host a Baby Naming Ceremony for your precious little bundle of love!

Look no further for a Family Celebrant to officiate at your special Baby Naming event!  Whether your little one is newborn, a toddler or an older baby your Baby Naming Ceremony will be absolutely beautiful with attention to every detail that you request.

Once you have contacted me we will arrange a meeting to discuss your baby’s naming ceremony and together we will create and develop a ceremony which is unique, bespoke and fitting with all the elements you wish for.

Your Baby Naming Ceremony will feature everything about your baby, from the time you decided to have your baby to the present moment in their little lives, their personality and all their little ways, all the love and joy they bring to you and your own hopes and dreams for their future.

If you are thinking about arranging your your Baby Naming Ceremony you might like to begin to organise your venue and reception, if applicable.  And of course, start sending out those invitations to friends, families and loved ones.

As part of the creation of your baby naming script we will develop the order of your ceremony, including music, Godparents or Naming Guardians, readings and more, so that everything falls in to place very smoothly, as it always does!  You may wish to have singers or other performers as part of your service.  Humour is a quality which belongs with Naming Ceremonies and the overall event is filled with such warmth, love and joy that you can’t possibly be disappointed!

Everyone present at your Baby Naming Ceremony will witness the proudest mummy and daddy formally naming their precious baby! What a gift!

‘Little Hands, Little Toes, Little Eyes, Little Nose ..... ‘

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