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My deepest and most sincere condolences are offered to you if you are contacting my Funeral Celebrant service to organise your Celebrant Funeral Ceremony for your deceased loved one.

I am regularly contacted by Funeral Directors and individuals to create and develop Celebrant Funeral Ceremonies for families who have lost their loved one.  I am an Independent Funeral Celebrant and I work alongside Funeral Directors and Families to provide a unique and bespoke Celebrant Service.  My Celebrant Funerals are utterly respectful and dignified and the focus is entirely upon the deceased person.  Normally Celebrant services are either non-religious or semi-religious with/without spiritual elements.  I arrange a meeting with families as early as possible and with as many family members and friends present as possible so that we can begin to create that special narrative or story which belongs to their loved one.  These meetings usually last between one to one and a half hours.  Sometimes families prepare words they wish to be included which is encouraged.  We discuss your music choices and friends or family who will be reading on the day and as it is a very emotional time readers can ask me to step in which I am more than happy to do.

Your loved one’s narrative or eulogy will reflect their life, past and present as well as the different stages of their life that they have experienced.  There is often humour which of course is tinged with sadness and families can include as much or as little information as they wish.  What matters is that the narrative reflects their beloved and tells some story of who they were and what they meant to those they leave behind.  We discuss the order of your service which is helpful when designing your Order of Service Sheets.  The whole event runs very smoothly with utmost loyalty, respect and dignity to the deceased person and their family and friends.

Everything concerning your Funeral Service will be discussed and you can include whatever elements you wish, for example, your readers, an organist for your loved one’s favourite hymn, your music selections, order of service sheets with photographs or your choice, bespoke floral tributes and more.

At such a difficult time in your life I will ensure that I provide you with a professional and personal Funeral Celebrant service that is second to none.

‘Feel Peace When You Are Weary and Take My Hand ...’

Cremations and Burials

I provide both cremation and burial ceremonies for families whose family member is sadly deceased.

You or you Funeral Director will invite me to officiate at your loved one's ceremony and I will be advised about the church, chapel or crematorium venue for a service.

Your burial service is a relatively shorter ceremony and it is one which commits your loved one to the earth with a bespoke ceremony and blessing.

Families choose the place and environment where the body of their loved ones is to be laid to rest, at either a crematorium or sacred ground of their choosing.

You may also wish to have a celebrant burial ceremony only and that is perfectly alright. Saying farewell to those we love is one of the hardest things we  ever have to do in life - but I will be with you every step of the way so that your healing journey is made easier ...

‘Farewell My Love, Til We Meet Again ...’

Scattering of Ashes

I am available to provide a Scatterings Service for families at any time following the cremation service.  This can be arranged via your Funeral Director or independently and at a place or environment of your choice.  Often families prefer to organise their own scatterings but a Celebrant Scattering is available if you wish.  Whatever is important to you will be respected in a style and which reflects your needs.

‘Respecting your final farewell ...’


Bereavement Counsellor

I am a professionally qualified and experienced Bereavement Counsellor with many years of experience counselling individuals and families.

Whatever the circumstances and your relationship with your friend or relative, counselling can help you to work through painful feelings, thereby allowing you to learn to accept and adjust to the huge change that has occurred in your life.

Don’t suffer alone, take time to talk, share and heal. Counselling really works …


Pet Funerals

Our pets are most important and precious to us.  If you are looking for a Celebrant Service for your deceased pet take comfort in know that this type of special ceremony can be conducted. As with a human death we can meet to talk about your pet and your relationship together and create a bespoke script to deliver at their final place of rest.  Don’t feel alone in your grief for your pet, they are often our dearest friends in the world.  So of course their special funeral ceremony provides a loving farewell and thanks for their loyalty and devotion to us during their lives.  Get in touch today and I will be more than happy to provide a ‘Celebration of Life’ ceremony for your dear friend.

‘My forever friend in all this world...'

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