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It’s important that your wedding day is as perfect as it can be!

Your ceremony needs to mirror the uniqueness of who you are as individuals, who you are together and the love, life, respect and laughter you will continue to experience in the years ahead.

Let’s get started!

Decide whether your ceremony be religious, semi-religious or non-religious, or perhaps contain spiritual elements which can reflect and symbolise the depth and meaning of your togetherness.

Your perfect ceremony

Weddings can take place in England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland or any location abroad.

Decide upon the time of the ceremony.  I can read your service in the morning, afternoon or evening.

Decide upon the season of the year and if you want your ceremony at sunrise, sunset – timing is important and all times work for me!

The location of your ceremony can be anywhere of your choosing.  You may opt for your own home and garden, somewhere near a river, lake or ocean, meadow or forest, on ancient land, mansion or castle, a hot air balloon or among favourite animals.  Choose whatever will make your ceremony meaningful to you; a place among family and friends.

Whatever you choose to do or wear on your big day is perfectly acceptable.  You might enjoy being barefooted on a sandy beach, dress in formal traditional wedding attire or opt for something different.  It is your special occasion and whatever presentation you choose will be fitting and spectacular.

Will your ceremony be witnessed by close friends, family and children?  Will your guest list be small and intimate or include the many hundreds of loved ones you want to be present.  Whoever you choose to be present on your special day will be enormously welcomed and feel part of an event that will leave them speechless and be unforgettable.

Your vows are crucial to your ceremony and I will ensure that yours are written, spoken and heard with only the very best quality of deliverance possible.  You will be helped to create you wedding vows carefully, lovingly and with exceptional poignancy.

Readers’ will be provided with as much support as needed including rehearsals.

Renewal of Wedding Vows

Congratulations if you have decided to renew your wedding vows! Whether you have been married for 2 years or 50 years my Wedding Celebrant service will help you to capture and enjoy every single precious moment of your special day.

Your ceremony can be whatever you wish it to be. Many couples enjoy re-living a full wedding service with all their chosen elements and others prefer a shorter ceremony which provides a focus upon the ‘renewal’ element. Of course, there is the Wedding Vows and the Exchanging of wedding rings, if desired. And not forgetting the tender loving kiss from groom to bride to seal your precious end of service moment.

Similar to creating a Celebrant Wedding Ceremony, we would meet to discuss your Renewal of Wedding Vows service, ensuring that every detail is included to make it as perfect as it can possibly be.

You can include in your ceremony as many mini-ceremonies as you wish, for example, the popular Sand Ceremony, Wine Ceremony or Rose Petal Ceremony and many more.

Your event may be intimate with a small wedding party or a large event with all friends, family and children in attendance. I can help to make your day magical and unforgettable. I work closely with planners at your wedding venue, your photographer and guests who may be taking a part in the service for readings.

The whole concept of renewal is utterly romantic and filled with love and hope for more loving years ahead.

‘Creating your Ceremony with Love, Respect and Dignity’

Same Sex Weddings

Legal marriage ceremonies for same sex couples officially began on 29th March 2014. So, look no further for your ‘Same Sex Wedding Ceremony’ and be married in law. Once you have completed your legal civil ceremony, apply for your conversion which came into force in December 2014 – this is a legal requirement to be legally married and it is a free service.

I can help you to create your bespoke wedding ceremony that reflects you both; your lives as separate individuals before and during your relationship, your personalities, who you are together now as a couple planning your lives together forever more. Your service can include romance, joy, laughter, tributes to friends and loves ones and so many other qualities, in fact everything and anything that you want it to be, totally personal and beautiful.

I will help you to create your Order of Service for your ceremony which will include all the elements you need; Music, Readings, The Asking, Vows Ceremony, Rings Ceremony, Blessing. I will be alongside you from the moment we meet to the moment you marry, the whole process will run smoothly and elegantly.

Your special Wedding Ceremony can be non-religious, semi-religious and/or with spiritual elements; just as you want it to be.

If you are planning your Wedding Ceremony abroad I can be available to officiate and help you to plan your special event.

I will help you to orchestrate your wedding party so that your photographer(s) can capture every precious moment of your Wedding Ceremony.

“Loving you, makes my life so beautiful ... “

Weddings Abroad

I will be happy to officiate at your wedding abroad. Your ceremony will be a celebrant wedding in itself, a celebration of your marriage – to suit your every celebration need. Please see the following website for information about your wedding abroad: weddings abroad documentation. One you have familiarised yourself with this information, please do contact me to arrange your Celebrant ceremony.

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